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True Love
6 Bottles

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Make it a Valentine's Weekend with a 6 bottle curation including two complimentary bottles of 2018 Chardonnay for the price of four bottles of our 90+ Point 2013 Wolff Pinot Noir.
Winery Price: $308
Valentine's: $240
+ $15 Shipping ($25 Value)- Enter code VALENTINE at checkout for discounted Shipping (after selecting ship-to state. CA & NV only)

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Biddle Ranch Vineyard, Edna Valley
Fill your glasses with soft amber accented with glistening diamonds. Pour her a full bouquet of jasmine florals entangled with subtle Madagascar vanilla and teasing wisps of citrus rind. Envelope his palate with a brilliantly oaked introduction and caressing velvet butter interrupted with crisp pineapple blooming layers in a refreshing twist on a classic Burgundian profile. 
Winery- $34 / bottle

Wolff Vineyard, Edna Valley
90+ Points at the San Francisco Chronicle- the largest competition for American wines in the world
Cheers to expansive aromas of garden rose blossoms laced with sun-ripened strawberry ribbons. Stain your palates red with bold mountain cherries and spice cake elegantly under-toned with soft cremini nuanced forest floor. The seamless acids climax on the finish with lingering tannin persistence. 
Winery- $60 / bottle


There are almost as many wines as there are wine-drinkers’ preferences in this ever-expanding world, but there are a few attributes that seem to please all whom partake; an all-encompassing bouquet, penetrating and structured tannins, cascading layers of nuanced palate conversations and always the everlasting finish that seams your first sip to the last glass from the bottle. 

Those attributes in harmony with enticing varietal specific tasting profiles are behind the floodgates that is every Double Bond cork. 

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