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2018 Chardonnay- Holiday10

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The Red-Drinker’s White:

As you probably know Double Bond crafts red wines that are outstanding in their fields- which is particularly great for me as I am a Red Wine Gal… and as such I can tell you with certainty one thing:

This is a red-drinker’s white.

And there are many reasons for that but one of the most prominent ones is that we handle our Chardonnay like we treat its vineyard sibling; Pinot Noir.

You see, Chardonnay, which shares a lot of similarities with Pinot Noir (such as thriving in similar climates, water contents, soil minerals etc) practically begs to be a red wine… and when a winemaker comes along and not only hears it’s plea but handles this white grape in a way very analogous to a red wine… the results are unworldly.

And although not all white wines can withstand the winemaking techniques of reds, our Chardonnay is up to challenge and stands the test of malolactic fermentation (50%) and is all the better for it as it ages (for a shorter time) in the French oak barrels right next to our other [red] wines.

Finally the most veracious red-drinker has a wine to refresh their palate in the heat of a Summer day, entrance them on cool Autumn evenings and the perfect pairing for their Thanksgiving centerpiece; a white wine that was meant to be red all along.

Kate Morris, Club Curator

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