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We vint our wines in the Old-World style and they are made to age.

As such, they are prone to sediment which can present itself as crystals clinging to the underside of the cork, free floating on the bottom of the bottle, attached along the side or completely blocking the neck of the bottle depending on how you store your bottles. 


All of this sediment is completely harmless and is actually a badge of honor of a quality wine.

However it can be perturbing to have solids in your wine, so we recommend handling bottles steadily and to decant (or double decant) the wine to minimize the sediment transfer from your bottle to your glass. 

The amount of sediment in your bottle(s) can increase the older the wine gets. 

Collectors- Store wines on their sides, not cork down as is the default in the cases. This will keep the sediment along the body of the bottle and away from the neck making it easier to decant, while still keeping the cork wet. (Why do I need to keep the cork wet?)


It is important to stress that the presence of sediment is not a fault in the wine. The wine should present itself as profoundly as you’ve come to expect from Double Bond. 

Sediment occurs in most of our wines, but a few are particularly prone. To enthusiasts with the following wines in their collection, don't hesitate to enjoy these wines as normal; 2009-2013 Infinity+17, 2012 The Other Side, 2012 Zinfandel, and Syrahs.