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A PhD Biochemist, John Klacking’s fascination for wine started in college at UC Davis. In 2000 he started collecting some of the world’s best wines. His captivation grew into a passion and a way of life when he established his own winery, Double Bond, in 2007. 






Co-captaining the wine team is John Klacking's uncle, John Thunen, a PhD. Physicist. His expertise has grown over 30 years of winemaking.  Dr. Thunen’s winemaking talent has been recognized at some of the Nation’s most competitive and prestigious contests. At the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (the largest competition for American Wines in the World), the San Francisco Pinot Shootout, and the Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition our Pinot Noirs, Syrahs and Chardonnays each have won best of class in very distinguished fields.

Dr. Thunen especially enjoys boutique winemaking because it provides opportunities for creativity and experimentation in the winemaking process. He believes that there is no such thing as a “perfect wine” anymore than there is a “perfect child” and as winemaker he sees each harvest of grapes as having their own inherent identity, and it is his responsibility to bring out that identity and let the grapes decide what they want to be.

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