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A PhD Biochemist, John Klacking’s fascination for wine started as a teenager, matured in college at UC Davis and flourished in 2007 when he established his own winery, Double Bond.

In high school John bought a wine-making kit and began making wine for his mom. Later, along with his collegiate roommates, who majored in Enology, they brewed their own beer and produced homemade wines. They spent their free-time blind tasting the results of their efforts and frequented Napa wineries. John jokes he and his friends adventured Napa so long-ago Louis Martini’s tasting room was just folding tables under a covered area and the Gondola at Sterling Vineyards was still new. 

After graduation, John did not pursue a career in wine. Instead he found his scientific understanding gave him a unique ability in the financial industry with the biotechnology boom.  Tragedy struck with the loss of his son and, later, his wife to cancer.  To keep his mind busy he began collecting world renowned wines as an investment. Through his new venture of finding, procuring, curating and imbibing in premium wines, the old memories of amateur winemaking came to the forefront again. He became consumed with the process of making fine wine and producing the very thing he spent so much time trying to find around the world. 

Armed with twenty-years of experience from the UC Davis Deans Leadership Council, his Uncle’s (who had his own winery) thirty-year well of knowledge and and his own desire to make everything he’d been looking for in a wine, John founded Double Bond Winery.

Earning numerous awards and distinctions from the Nation’s top competitions and judges, John believes Double Bond is a wine the most sophisticated wine connoisseur can enjoy. 

He enjoys reading and researching wines, traveling with his daughter, Emma; a biotechnology student at the University of Nevada, and assisting others in their journey with cancer. 





Co-captaining the wine team is John Klacking's uncle, John Thunen, a PhD. Physicist. His expertise has grown over 30 years of winemaking.  Dr. Thunen’s winemaking talent has been recognized at some of the Nation’s most competitive and prestigious contests. At the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (the largest competition for American Wines in the World), the San Francisco Pinot Shootout, and the Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition our Pinot Noirs, Syrahs and Chardonnays each have won best of class in very distinguished fields.

Dr. Thunen especially enjoys boutique winemaking because it provides opportunities for creativity and experimentation in the winemaking process. He believes that there is no such thing as a “perfect wine” anymore than there is a “perfect child” and as winemaker he sees each harvest of grapes as having their own inherent identity, and it is his responsibility to bring out that identity and let the grapes decide what they want to be.

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