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It goes without saying that a winery makes wine. And that the end goal of a good winery is to make good wine.  

But that simply is not Double Bond.  Double Bond doesn’t just make wine.

We make that moment you hope for when you open a bottle; the poured anticipation swirling around your glass, then dancing on your palate and finally lingering long after the sip has gone. 

We make that moment when you take a bottle that closed your eyes and deepened your breathing to your cherished ones to watch their eyes close and breathing deepen.  

We make everything you’ve always wanted in a wine because, as a wine collector before founding a winery, our vintner knew exactly what he wanted in a wine. And we want each and every bottle to remind you why you trusted Double Bond.  

The meticulously curated grapes, the unhurried aging, the hand-crafted French oak barrels, the heavy bottles, the purple stained natural corks sealed with thick foils, the linen-raised labels that fill the gaps in the ridges of your fingers, the overnight shipping and the actual premium wine itself are all supporting characters in the production that is you opening a bottle of our wines and imbibing in all that Double Bond is.  

Ever the scientists, we welcome our wine to be challenged and we seek those who will test our vision and judge our dream by the rigorous criteria that is your pure enjoyment. 

A single sip is all it takes to know us, and we challenge you to the impossible task of limiting your time with us to just that sip. 


strong… reactive… rare

In chemistry, a double bond is a connection between two atoms that is stronger, more reactive and rare. 

Founded by a PhD Biochemist, our scientific background and appreciation for wine grew into a passion that espoused so naturally that we couldn’t help but christen this winery of ours with the namesake that inspired this strong, reactive, rare endeavor. 

We strive to harness a perfect balance of a fascinating science with the intoxicating art to innovate and redefine while still paying homage to classic wines. 

Specializing in the hallmark varietals the Central Coast of California is renowned for; we focus on unveiling the majesty of single-vineyard, pure, premium and boutique Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays, Syrahs and Zinfandels. 

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