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There’s a reason wine country is so breathtaking. The potential, the energy, the beauty from the land seeps into the roots of the vine, it soaks into the fruit and pours into the barrel. 


Before there is a wine, or a winemaker there is a vine in a vineyard. As the adage goes; the finest of wines start in the vineyard and the growing of premium grapes is essential to vinting premium wines. 

We meticulously source from vineyards where the philosophy is ‘less is more’ and each individual grape has the opportunity and encouragement to grow richly and proudly display the characteristics of its prized terrior. 

The deliberate limitation of harvest size with delicate viniculture placing a premium on quality over quantity is a pledge in our vineyard selection; dry farming, optimally pruning and sustainable practices are all features we value to start our wine’s journey from ground to grape to glass.


Larner Vineyard- Ballard Canyon 

California Grand Cru

Imagine a place with ground so beautiful that is was created specifically, almost ordained, to grow the most premium of Syrah grapes. That place would be called the Ballard Canyon appellation in Santa Ynez. And of the vineyards in that perfect place, imagine one with undeniable potential for its most prestigious Syrah grapes that Robert Parker himself equated it to the Grand cru vineyards of France. That place would be called Larner Vineyard. Masterfully cultivated by geologist Michael Larner, his decades of thoughtful work in the vineyard spent nurturing the soils and fostering the vines has made him one of the most highly sought Syrah growers.  


Wolff Vineyard- Edna Valley

Sustainable Pioneer                                                      



Edna Valley boasts is one of the longest and coolest wine growing region in California. It’s volcanic soil is acclaimed for growing grapes with deep intensity, dense concentration and a freshly balanced acidity that is best characterized in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Owned by pioneer, Jean-Pierre Wolff, Wolff Vineyards is one of the oldest vineyards in this covetous valley and one of the original ‘Sustainable in Practice’ [SIP] Certified vineyards. His 125-acre ecologically friendly grape covered estate features 37 acres of four Dijon Pinot Noir clones most notably 115, the backbone of Californian Pinot Noir culture, and 777, the clone that imparts the coveted velvet darkness that intrigues and entrances our Pinot drinkers.


La Vista Vineyards- West Paso Robles

Calcareous Linne Calodo Block Two



La Vista Vineyards can be found in the Adelaide area west of Paso Robles about twelve miles from the Pacific Ocean. The combination of location and elevation allows afternoon and evening breezes to come through the gaps in the Coastal Range to cool the vineyards resulting in low but intensely flavored yields. The St. George Zinfandel rootstocks are planted in calcareous Linne Calodo soil with optimal sun exposure that Adelaide in West Paso is known for.


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