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2014 Discombobulated
GSM Red Blend

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Discombobulated: (verb) a pleasant amusing state of confusion found at the bottom of this blended bottle of the classic Rhone-style varietals Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedré

What I am about to tell you is a story considerably different than any story we've ever shared before.

It's a story that started out with just a name.


This vision lived in John's head for half a decade was intended to be our fan's go-to everyday red.

Armed with this name and that vision we started the search for exactly what Discombobulated was going to be.

It needed to be classic but with our own flair. It needed to be fun but still based in tradition. It needed to be related to something we were already so renowned for but it also needed it's own identity, completely of its own.

It needed to be fresh new take.

We decided on a classic blend that wasn't as well-known as we thought it should be. A Rhone Style GSM Blend; Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre.

As any author can tell you, this process was a little backward but for a wine called Discombobulated, we were allowed to break the rules and bend even our own procedures.

Glancing at our calendar we sketched a tentative release date for the Summer of 2016 and logically dismissed having this ready in time to be entered into one of the only competitions in which we regularly submit.

For whatever reason and after discovering a label design error that turned out so perfect we kept it, we quickly sent off some hand-labeled bottles, narrowly making the deadline for the largest Competition for American Wines in the World- the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

Some months later, we got the news...

Before anyone ever knew we had created Discombobulated, it had already been awarded one of the highest accolades a wine could ever receive; Best of Class in the Red Rhone category our of over 7,100 wines

Bolstered by this critical reassurance, we excitedly released Discombobulated, admittedly a tad earlier than planned (we are terrible secret keepers), to the true judges, because the most important part of any of our wines, is whether or not you enjoy them.

We anxiously awaited our aficionados' feedback and it was swift to arrive by selling out shortly after the first introduction was sent.

This awarded, both by our fans and professions, trend continued for subsequent vintages.

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